Monday, November 27, 2006

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Email, Facebook or Windows Live (MSN) Messenger: ayu112(at)


Sponty said...

Borrowed your photo for my blog. I referenced you though. You can check out my blog. It is:

Chiawei Sun said...

Hi, this is Chiaweisun pursuing MFA degree at Savannah college of art and design. I browsed you blog and glad to see you introduce Taiwan to people. Welcome to visit Happysweetpotato which is a part of my thesis which offers ideas derived from everyday life in Taiwan.
we disscuss anything relevent to Taiwan through design in a fun and interactive way.

Welcome to visit us!

Thank you

Richard said...

Hi Andre,
I made your photo a Taiwan Flickr Favorite on my website, Cruisy. You can view it at

Richard said...

Just to add to my previous comment, I blogged about how your image is the first in the Taiwan Flickr favorite section - you can check it out here:


Sarita said...

Your background is similar to mine :)
Except I was born and raised in Venezuela. Jejeje
Te estas adaptando a la vida aqui? Verdad que es full diferente?
Me gusta tu fotografia.
Nice blog :)

guamsweetheart said...

Hi! I am really interested in getting a photo booth for a party we will be having in taiwan for my fathers birthday. Can you refer me the number I can call to set it up. Thank you