Sunday, April 30, 2006


i was warned

i didn't believe it

i didn't think it could happen to me

i didn't think i would be a victim

but here i am

virus in full affect

before i went on my homeymoon to club med...

i talked to a few people who have been to club med before

after answering whatever questions i had...

they said... "you will get it"

"get what?" i asked

they said... "the virus"

"what virus?" i asked

they said... "the club med virus"

just like you, i had to do a double take and asked "the what virus?"

they said... "the club med virus"

and just like you, i had the same reaction... what the fuck?!

yup, that's right... what the fuck is the club med virus?

it's basically when you return home from club med...

and miss it...

and wish you were there...

and can't wait to go back...

and yup, i miss it and wish i was there right now

it's been more than a week

and yup, i still miss it and still wish i was there right now

especially since it's been raining and cold everyday since i came back

the people i talked to...

they just can't stay away

they've been going back...

again and again and again... and again

to different club meds all over

this shit ain't got nothing to do with club med

everytime i return from a vacation...

i wish i was still on vacation and can't wait for the next vacation

it ain't no fucking virus

it's human nature

but then again...

i can't wait to go back

i am definitely going back

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

chew on this

just about 100% of the business i do is with countries outside of taiwan

so naturally, i get a lot of foreign visitors

everytime a customer visits...

tons of questions are asked

particularly about our culture and things they see in the streets

and things, they definitely see

one of the things that always grabs their attention?

betelnut stands on the side of the road

is it the neon lights?

or the girls in skimpy outfits that sells them?

i'd say a combination of both...

but in reality probably the latter

what is betelnut you ask?

more info here:

altho' it's chewed throughout asia...

only in taiwan...

will you find the little glass booths...

decorated with bright, flashy neon lights...

with scantily dressed girls selling them

only in taiwan

it is without a doubt one of the most unique parts of our culture

the following should help you understand a bit more...

video credit:

video credit: meiguolangren

more info:

and for the record

i've never ever tried it

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


mi barrio

mi casa

my home

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Sunday, April 23, 2006


and we are back

it was great

way too short, but great

5 days, 4 nights

no stress

fun in the sun

lying on the poolside or on the beach



massage & spa

all you eat and drink (wine and beer) all day everyday

and much, much more...

also met lots of great people

from the guests to the staff

especially the staff

bunch of fun, friendly folks out there

and the village chief looks like Adam Sandler

how awesome is that?



Youssef vs. Adam Sandler

good times

great times

we shall be back

here is a pic of the pool area which i took from the restaurant

the pool area

yup, we definitely have to go back

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Monday, April 17, 2006


going on my honeymoon tomorrow

but already, i'm thinking where to go for my next "vacation"

which is 4 months after i return

why 4 months?

for those who don't know, every male born in taiwan has to serve a mandatory military term

presently, this term has changed to approximately 1.5 years

it was 2 years not too long ago

despite the fact that i'm a male and born in taiwan...

i haven't served this mandatory military term


because of my "over-seas chinese" status

meaning i migrated out taiwan before the age of 16

i was 6 when we left

so now i'm only allowed to stay in taiwan for 4 months

every 4 months, i need to "escape the military"

military escape = vacation

well, not everytime

more than a few times i've taken the plane to HK or Macau...

never leaving the airport nor checking out of customs...

and just simply taken the next flight back

yup, that works too

as long as i leave the country and return and "renew" my entry

besides thinking where i haven't been as possible destinations

i started thinking where i've already been

places i've set foot on...

my travels

1. Hawaii

2. Vancouver, Canada

3. Seattle, USA

4. Chicago, USA

5. St. Louis, USA

6. San Francisco, USA

7. Los Angeles, USA

8. Mexico City, Mexico

9. Panama

10. Costa Rica

11. Japan

12. Taiwan

13. Hong Kong

14. ZhuHai & DongGuan, China

15. Macau

16. Bangkok, Thailand

17. Singapore

18. Phuket, Thailand

19. Penang, Malaysia

20. Jakarta, Indonesia

will be able to add Bali, Indonesia next week

hopefully i'm just scratching the surface

gone and seen so many place

yet so many places to go and see

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

happy birthday mama

happy birthday mama!

happy birthday mama!


hope for many many many more!

with all my heart and soul...

thank you

thank you for everyday

thank you for everything

love always

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Friday, April 14, 2006

morning call

6am in taipei


my cell phone goes off

what the fuck?!?!

who the fuck is calling me at this hour?!?!

i struggle to find my cell

with my eyes still closed... "hello?"

nothing... no sound... no answer... no one

again... "hello?"

now i open my eyes and gather my thoughts

that was no phone call... it was the alarm clock on my cell phone

but why did i set up my alarm at 5:40am?

i can't even remember the last time i woke up this early

but i do remember going to bed this late more than a few times

just remembered

set the alarm because i had to go to the airport

eddie and paul have a 9am flight and i was driving them there

operating on a 3 hour sleep

still feeling full from last night's seafood and my breath still smelling like whiskey and beer...

i'm out the door by 6am

i snapped the picture up there as i'm driving out

it's a picture of a street just a few blocks from my place

usually packed with cars and scooters

at 6am, barely anything in sight and i'm loving it

one of my biggest pet peeves about living in taiwan?

the traffic

so, it's actually pretty nice to be out this early in the morning

hardly any traffic, hardly any people

eddie and paul are staying at paul's in-laws' place

been there once

to meet up with liza, paul's sister, when she visited taiwan a few years ago

sorta remember where it's at, but not really

with a couple lucky guesses and turns... i find it

it's 6:25am

10 minutes later... with bags loaded up, we head to the airport

on the way there... eddie asks:

"do you miss vancouver?"

my answer:

"yea, all the time... especially when i'm stuck in traffic"

and on cue i start missing vancouver because suddenly we are stuck in traffic

the highway is now the slowway

what should normally be a 40 ~ 45 minute drive, turns out to be more than 1 hour

but that's taiwan for ya

welcome to taiwan

and now you are both leaving

lucky bastards

drop them off, say our goodbyes, give our high 5's, handshakes and hugs

off they go

i'm now at work

still operating on 3 hours of sleep, but not completely functioning

holy shit

it's barely noon

most folks here take a nap during lunch time at work

i almost never do

today might be an exception

might take a 30 minutes power nap

fuck that

i'll just skip lunch and nap the entire hour

i don't need no food

i need coffee

lots and lots of it

just looked out the window

and what do you know?

the rain has stopped and sun is sneaking through

that's right, take that shit back with you

i miss vancouver, but not the weather there

y'all can keep that

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

paradise gangstas

paradise gangstas

eddie and paul are in town

and it looks like they brought vancouver's weather with them

it's been hot and sunny all week

until yesterday

rain and windy... cold and soggy weather

yup, vancouver weather

they flew in yesterday

flying out tomorrow morning

3 days, 2 nights

a business trip

i've known them for a long time

how long?

over 10 years

damn, it's been that long?

we used to work together

that's how i met them

the company?

paradise entertainment

paul, i haven't seen since those days

he's now married with a newborn kid

by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your new kid paul

hope you have many more

be a great father

as for eddie, we've been in touch throughout the years and actually see quite often

they both have been to taiwan many times

in fact, paul's wife is taiwanese

but we've never had a chance to meet up here

last night i met them for dinner, along with antonio, paco and some of his friends

seafood, karaoke, whiskey and beer

the picture up there... me, eddie, paul, paco, mr. "bitter"

good times

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


slow day at work

it's 30+°C outside (that's in the high 80's °F for you imperial-system-using fools)

hot and sunny

not a cloud in the sky

just a beautiful day

and here i am... sitting in my office

with not much to do

still a few more hours before i get out of here

wish i was out there basking somewhere

better yet

wish i was at my favorite watering hole...

Le ble dor

Le ble dor

an outdoor beer garden in the middle of taipei city

a rare commodity in this concrete jungle and land of million of scooters

good atmosphere

good eats

good beer


GREAT beer

they brew their own beer

their best beer?

the dark beer

dark beer

i love cold beer

i love hot sunny days

combine the two...

and nothing beats a cold beer on a hot sunny day

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

happy birthday grandma

grandma birthday

grandma birthday

happy birthday grandma!


and hope many more!!!

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

and one


we've won one

even if it's by one point

i'll take it

a win is a win

the league?

A&P League

the record in this tournament?


games left?


my team?


tournaments joined thus far?


total wins




yea yea, i know

we suck

of those 3 wins...

twice by 1 point

the other time?

a forfeit... because the other team didn't have enough people to play the game

but hey... i'll take it

a win is a win

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Thursday, April 06, 2006


now that you know

for your viewing pleasure...

love story

our "Love Story":


pre-wedding photos:


engegament ceremony / reception photos (january 14th):


wedding ceremony / reception photos (march 18th):

... i do & i will

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i got married a couple weeks on march 18th

if you didn't know... well, now you know

most frequently asked question since then?

aside from "when are you gonna have a baby?"

"where are you going for your honeymoon?"

we've always planned on going to club med all along

but which one?

bali, indonesia it is


here it is:

that should give you an idea of where i will be and what i will be doing in a couple weeks

basically... relax, eat, sleep, drink, spa...

yup, i will be a lazy muthafucka for a whole week

what more can i say?

actually... one more thing

HA HA! suckas!

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

r e s p e c t

no work today

it's a national holiday

"Tomb Sweeping Day"

a day to pay your respects and commemorate ancestors

prep offerings



burn "money"

ah-con, ah-ma... we miss you

forever in our hearts

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Monday, April 03, 2006

leaving on a jet plane

the kids left just a couple hours ago

will miss them alot

hope to see them soon

hope they move back soon

hang in there sis

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

april fool's

yup, it's april fool's day

but no, this is not a prank

but i am probably a fool for this

and yup, i am adding to my cyber geekness and starting a blog

well... actually, this could be considered my second "blog"

the "first"?

my photoblog

that has no writing, just photos of things as i see it through my digi cam

this will definitely have writing

sometimes a lot, sometime a bit, sometimes... just a whole lot of nothing

i think most of the time will be a bit tho'

i know people don't wanna read an essay nor a novel when they are reading a blog

i sure don't

will a lot of people read this?

probably not

does it matter?

absolutely not

so why?

because i need an outlet... and because i'm bored

now, what will this be about?

my life

... stay tuned

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