Wednesday, July 26, 2006

wo ai tai mei




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Monday, July 24, 2006

garbage beach

another weekend

another bbq

another bad hangover

went to bali on saturday

no, not bali in indonesia

bali in taipei county

八里 ("eight mile")

went to this beach across from the refuse incinerator plant

which we now call garbage beach

once again, great times

as usual, some pics...

bbq @ garbage beach
the bali refuse incinerator plant

bbq @ garbage beach

bbq @ garbage beach
the beautiful sunset

bbq @ garbage beach
becky & karen

bbq @ garbage beach
j & j... team j... jeff & jerry

bbq @ garbage beach

bbq @ garbage beach

bbq @ garbage beach
jerry, karen, becky, victor, candy, jeff & fatso me

bbq @ garbage beach

bbq @ garbage beach
me, jerry, ivan, becky, karen, jeff (sitting in front) & sam

bbq @ garbage beach

bbq @ garbage beach
drunken bastards

more pics here:

we shall be back...

who wants in next time?


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Sunday, July 23, 2006

here comes kaemi

typhoon kaemi

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

cowabunga dude


first transformers and now this?!

a favorite from my teenage years

i used to watch the cartoon series on tv

i spent countless hours playing the game on my super nintendo

i spent countless money playing the game at the arcades

i was so excited back then when the real life movies came out during the 90's

heck, i even bought the soundtrack to the original movie

and just as then, i'm excited now

they are gonna release a new cgi version movie next year

the teenage mutant ninja turtles

cowabunga dude!

i can't wait!

the trailer looks pretty cool

check it out...

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Monday, July 17, 2006

inexpensive fun

my sister is moving to a new house in a couple weeks

i told her i would buy her a new microwave, but she said she doesn't want one

asked her what she wanted, she said cash

i said no

no cash

told her i will give her red envelope cash for her wedding next year

gave her a list of items to choose from

she chose a blender and a rice cooker

no problem

so on saturday night, we went to carrefour to buy her the blender and the rice cooker as well as some household items for our own home

the usual suspects becky and jerry came along with the wifey and i

so we do the shopping and walk around the place

spontaneously and out of no where becks and jerry decide they wanna have a bbq

they wanted to go to the park around my house, but it's too dark and it wouldn't be too safe plus there'd be too many stray dogs wondering around

so, where to go?

my garage it is

we buy the grill, which by the way was only NT$45!

buy the charcoal

buy the meat

buy the beer and alcohol

we ready to go!

and bbq we did!

some pics…

bbq in the garage
the usual suspects... me, jerry, the wifey, becky plus my old man

the grub
some of the grub

the beverages
some of the refreshments

my old man and his best friend
my old man and his best friend kao-lian

druken papa
too much kao-lian

drinking game
our favorite drinking game

the gang

it was great

spontaneous, inexpensive and a lot of fun

gotta do this more often





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Thursday, July 13, 2006

here comes bilis

let the season begin

typhoon bilis

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

fun with zidane


these are too awesome and too funny

more fun with zidane here

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Monday, July 10, 2006

viva italia

congratulations to italy for winning the 2006 fifa world cup held in germany

world champions italia

world champions italia

and to zidane...

you are a butthead for your head butt!

butthead zidane's head butt

for those who missed it...

check the video below

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

robots in disguise

oh my!

i don't think i've ever been this excited about a movie before

my favorite cartoon from my childhood days is coming to theatre near you



and it ain't gonna be animated nor completely cgi

it's gonna be real life action!


check the teaser trailers below...

i don't care if those trailers kinda sucked

i can't wait!

shit better not disappoint!!!

transformers the movie

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

the ball

it's been bugging me ever since i first laid my eyes on it

i'm talking about the official ball in this year's fifa world cup

what was the designer thinking?

of all the patterns and lines in the world he/she could have used...

he/she uses maxi-pads?!?!

yes! maxi-pads!?

you be the judge...

the maxi

let's nickname this world cup's official ball The Maxi shall we!?

if i was a manufacturer / advertising agency of such product...

i'd be all over the ball and world cup right now

that's a golden advertising spot right there

how long before we'll actually see it happen tho'?

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Monday, July 03, 2006

more disappointment

france eliminates brazil from the world cup 2006

and just like that

it's all over

will have to wait another 4 years

brazil was ousted by france to the score of 1-0

very disappointed

very frustrated

france is not even that good this year

they barely made it out of the group matches

but they played a great game and deserved the win

brazil probably got too overconfident

took france for granted

no matter how great of a team, you just never do that

especially with a team that has zidane

you'd think brazil knows better

zidane and france also beat them convincingly in the 98 world cup

well, they'll be back in 4 years and i will continue to root for them

next time around, robinho will get more playing time

watch out world!

as for the remainder of the world cup...

i'm rooting for portugal

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

it was a good d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

canada d'eh

good weather

good music

good crowd

good atmosphere

it was a good d'eh

to my fellow canadians...

happy canada d'eh!

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