Wednesday, August 30, 2006

russell peters

first time i saw his stand-up was a couple years ago

just hilarious

had me literally laughing out loud

well, he's back

funny as usual

just hilarious

russell peters


part 1

part 2

part 3

apparently, the videos above are not working anymore

it appears that they have been removed, so here's an old russell peters video

just hilarious


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


do you like a good bargain?

do you like kfc?

then you'll like this...

pretty good deals


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Monday, August 21, 2006

boom! head shot!

paintball bruise




i've got me three bruises just like that

one on my arm

one on my shoulder

one on my thigh (picture above)

what happened?

went to play paintball on saturday at 147

we played a total of 5 games

i did pretty good

i eliminated a few out there

in fact, i didn't get eliminated

the reason i got hit was because i ran out of ammo (paintballs)

since i ran out i surrendered

i raised my gun high up in the air for quite a long time behind my barricade so people knew i was surrendering

i thought it was safe since it seemed they stopped shooting at my barricade

so i walked out to get out of the battle field

wrong move!

these fools just started shooting at me even though i still had my gun raised in the air


but then again, i did shoot at a guy out of reflex when he was walking off the field with his gun raised in the air earlier at another game

no seriously, it wasn't intentional

it was just a reflex

but still, those that shot at me when i was walking off...

you jerks!

paintball & bbq

paintball & bbq

paintball & bbq
bbq for lunch and taking a break from the war games

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Friday, August 18, 2006


holy shit!

am i exhausted and tired!?

i am very very jet-lagged right now

went to moberly missouri (about 3 hours drive west of st. louis) for a short business trip

left taiwan on sunday

just got back a few hours ago

landed at 5am this morning

i think this is most tired i've ever been from any travel

we did manage to finish off business early, so we were able to look around a bit

some pics...

at the cks airport. our plane from taiwan to la

view out the window on-board our plane from la to st. louis

after leaving home for more than 24 hrs, we arrived at st. louis around 11pm local time, but still had to drive another 3 hours to get to our final destination. stopped by denny's during the drive for some grub

our hotel, best western

my room

our rented car, jeep grand cherokee

downtown moberly

my friend andy's custom jewelry store

some restaurant where we ate lunch. this place has some of the best onion rings i've ever tasted

the mark twain caves at hannibal missouri

inside the caves

mark twain's boyhood home at hannibal missouri

downtown hannibal

me, my buddy jake and a couple other tourists aboard the horse cart

feeding apples to pete the horse

on the road back from hannibal to moberly

dan shepherd's buffalo farm

on our last day before returning the rental and hopping on the plan back to taiwan, we drove around downtown st. louis a bit. here's the famous landmark, the gateway arch



a couple videos i shot standing underneath the gateway arch

busch stadium

going home... sunset somewhere between missouri and california

it's good to be home

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

expensive living

no $$$

according to a survey by mercer human resource consulting

taipei is one of the most expensive cities to live in the world

taipei ranked 28th out of 144 cities surveyed around the world

up one spot compared to last year's raking of 29th

last year's #1 most expensive?


how long before taipei gets to #1???

here's this year's top 50...

1. Moscow, Russia
2. Seoul, Korea
3. Tokyo, Japan
4. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
5. London, United Kingdom
6. Osaka, Japan
7. Geneva, Switzerland
8. Copenhagen, Denmark
9. Zurich, Switzerland
10. Oslo, Norway
11. New York, United States
12. St. Petersburg, Russia
13. Milan, Italy
14. Beijing, China
15. Istanbul, Turkey
16. Paris, France
17. Singapore, Singapore
18. Dublin, Ireland
19. Sydney, Australia
20. Shanghai, China
21. Rome, Italy
22. Kiev, Ukraine
23. Vienna, Austria
24. Tel Aviv, Israel
25. Helsinki, Finland
26. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
27. Douala, Cameroon
28. Taipei, Taiwan
29. Los Angeles, United States
30. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
31. Lagos, Nigeria
32. Beirut, Lebanon
33. Hanoi, Vietnam
34. Sao Paolo, Brazil
35. San Francisco, United States
36. Stockholm, Sweden
37. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
38. Chicago, United States
39. Miami, United States
40. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
41. Lusaka, Zambia
42. Amsterdam, Netherlands
43. White Plains (NY), United States
44. Shenzen, China
45. Abidjan, Ivory Coast
46. Dakar, Senegal
47. Toronto, Canada
48. Jakarta, Indonesia
49. Bratislava, Slovak Republic
50. Prague, Czech Republic

it's no wonder i'm broke!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

mi tata


this one is for my old man


love always


to all the fathers out there

i wish you a very HAPPY FATHER's DAY!

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Monday, August 07, 2006

under attack

we are under attack

by 3 typhoons

maria, bopha and saomai

2 of them, bopha and saomai, coming right into taiwan

the other one, maria, will miss us completely going into japan

typhoons maria, bopha & saomai

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

beach, in-laws & clover

another sunday

another bad hangover

i really need to slow down and cut back

i'm really having a hard time recovering these days

wifey ain't too happy with me right now

let's recap

yesterday around 2pm

wifey and i packed our gear and headed out to baishawan ("white sand bay")

a very nice and relaxing beach which isn't too far (just over an hour drive from our place) and not too packed

a short video i shot from the hill overlooking the bay

now, some pics...


view of the beach from the hill


taiwanese baywatch


some military base

a couple jet-skis and some guy fishing

a fishing boat and one of the many cargo liners in the horizon

a sailboat



after a couple hours of relaxing and fun in the sun, we had to go

had to go back to my in-law's place for dinner to celebrate father's day for my pop-in-law

my bro-in-law justin bought a 5 liter keg of dark beer from le ble d'or

both my bro-in-law don't drink much and my father-in-law only drinks hard these days

so, needless to say, i drank most of that keg myself

so, needless to say, i had a pretty good buzz going on after dinner

later on the night...

we went over to clover bar / cafe to meet with the usual suspects

becky, candy, jerry and victor

this time tho', there were a couple new people

patty from the usa and luke from the uk

a very cool world trekking married couple, whom are leaving taiwan soon

good luck in honduras guys

clover bar
me, patty & luke

by the way, luke and hedo turkoglu of the nba were separated at birth

what do you think?

you be the judge...

luke turkoglu
"luke turkoglu"

so, needless to say, i had a few more drinks at clover

so, needless to say, it was one too many as usual

so, here i am

my breath still tastes like beer

just woke up over an hour ago

feeling like shit

haven't eaten all day

hungry as a motherfucker

but ain't got no appetite

i really wanted to get out to baishawan again today

but just felt like shit

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