Friday, September 29, 2006

politics in taiwan

i love taiwan

i need to rant

bare with me a bit here

i've tried to refrain from it

it's not that i don't pay attention to it

i just don't like to talk about it

especially in here

there are already many excellent blogs dedicated or at least have a lot of great info in regards to politics in taiwan

just to name a few:
the view from taiwan
it's not democracy, it's conspiracy
wandering to tamshui
the bala daily
taiwan matters

as much as i try to avoid talking about politics

i can't

i'm asked questions about it all the time

especially because of the nature of my work

i deal with a lot of overseas people not living in tawan

obviously, their curiosity levels are very high

they watch and read all the reports in the international media outlets

such as cnn or bbc

so i'm asked questions about it all the time

during conference calls, meetings, emails, business trips, etc.

i don't mind the questions

i understand

just as i asked the americans i deal with about 9/11, iraq and bush

i don't mind the questions

in fact, i'm more than glad to give my opinion and let them know my point of view

basically, I LOVE TAIWAN

by the way, do not believe everything you watch, hear or see in the media

even the big names like cnn and bbc

in fact, especially big names like cnn and bbc

obviously the hot topic of the moment is the anti-corruption rally to depose president chen led by shih ming-the

my thoughts on the matter?

the allegations of corruption against the president are merely that… allegations

let the law do the work

let the law prosecute the president

i'm not saying he’s completely innocent nor i’m saying he’s completely guilty

i'm saying allow the law to be the law

looking at our history, president chen, his dpp party and the current government are the least corrupt government we've ever had

yes, it does have some problems, but tell me which government does not?

the pan-blue and kmt's accusations of corruption against the president and the pan-green dpp government???

it's like a convicted serial killer calling a shoplifter a criminal

the anti-corruption rally and campaign is obviously not about corruption

it's simply hatred towards the president, the current government and the pan-green dpp

if it's about anti-corruption, why no outcry about james soong's (chairman of the pfp and leader of many attacks against the president and pan-green dpp) tax evation case (in which he was the first political leader in taiwan asked by the court to pay a big fine over tax evasion), ma ying-jeou's (the mayor of taipei and chairman of the kmt) misuse of municipal funds, also his bank account increasing by more than NT$1.06 million (US$30,000) over the past seven years because he funneled half his monthly special allowance fund into his personal account, then his wife's making large donations to two foundations -- the Dwen An Social Welfare Foundation and New Taiwanese Cultural Foundationand, which were founded by ma himself and the kmt's stolen assets?

and check this… one of the leaders of the anti-corruption campaign against the president had to resign


because it turns out she was corrupt and was convicted on bribery charges

and it doesn't end there

the mayor of keelung and a close associate of ma ying-jeou, hsu tsai-li (a pro-blue kmt) was sentenced to seven years in prison and deprived of his civil rights for eight years after being found guilty of corruption

where’s the outcry?

when the anti-corruption rally does the around the island drive and stops in keelung, will there be any protests there regarding hsu tsai-li?

it's strictly hypocrisy and it just keeps rolling on

the campaigns must cease

let the law be the law

yes, they have the freedom of speech

i believe in freedom of speech

but freedom of speech much have some merit and basis

the campaigns must cease

it simply causes instability in all aspects of our society

in the famous words of mr. king

"can't we all just get along?"

both sides

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Monday, September 25, 2006

jolin tsai engrish

check out this jolin tsai video remix

i think it's really funny

especially since i don't really like her

awesome stuff!


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hacking away





this shit's frustrating

have been sleep deprived because of it

both wifey and i have been coughing non-stop for a few days

we've tried a bunch of medicines and remedies


we've gotten better

but we're still coughing

almost cured

almost but not quite yet

it's damn frustrating

especially when we try to go to sleep

it just gets worse

hacking and coughing non-stop

can't sleep

really damn frustrating

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Sunday, September 24, 2006


fifi & matt

CONGRATULATIONS to fifi & matt!

wish you nothing but the best

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

china biz trip

so, i'm back in taiwan

again, i went to china for a couple days for a business trip

went to our factory located in doumen

doumen is about an hour drive from zhuhai city, which is the bordering city with macau

personally, i think zhuhai is a nice city and i can definitely see myself living there

a few pics...

china biz trip
waiting at the boarding gate

china biz trip
lining up to get on the plane from taipei to macau

china biz trip
the road to our factory from zhuhai

china biz trip
my room. nice, clean and economical. we stayed at the dorm/hotel near the factory. we could have stayed at some fancy hotel in zhuhai, but we just didn't feel like taking the 1-hour drive to go to work in the morning and then to go back at night. 1-hour drive to hotel in zhuhai vs. 5 minute walk to dorm/hotel near the factory. yup, exactly.

china biz trip
view out my room's window. the coloring in this pic is kinda funny because the glass was slightly tinted.

china biz trip

china biz trip

china biz trip
lots of constructions and land development in zhuhai

china biz trip

china biz trip

china biz trip
some building across the street (in china side) from the zhuhai-macau border crossing. by the way, the border area in china's side is called gongbei

china biz trip
plaza outside the zhuhai-macau border crossing

china biz trip
underground shopping area that spreads across and under the plaza shown in last pic

china biz trip
entrance into customs and border crossing from zhuhai to macau

china biz trip
an ocean liner near the macau aiport

china biz trip
the macau airport from the distance

china biz trip
hotel across the street from the macau airport

china biz trip
a look at the airport's only runway from the 2nd floor mezzanine inside the airport

china biz trip
inside the chinatrust vip lounge waiting for my flight

china biz trip
the selection in the vip lounge

china biz trip
a look at the ferris wheel across the airport from inside the airport bus shuttle

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hello from macau

here i am sitting in the chinatrust vip lounge at the macau airport

just dropped by for a quick note and hello


i'm flying back to taiwan in a couple hours

went to china for a couple days on a business trip

by the way, there was some bullshit at the check-in counter

i got here at around 4:30pm

my flight is scheduled to depart at 7:15pm

well, there was only one counter open when i got here but guess what?

only business class and above could check in

ain't that some shit?!?!

so, there's a bunch of us from economy class standing by the counter but they would not check us in

we could not check in until 5:15pm

that's some shit right there

we were all standing there while the counter was open and not a business class person checked-in for a long ass time

still, the girl wouldn't check us in

anyways, i think that was some bullshit

so yup

that's all for now

gonna go grab some food and drinks

oh wait...

this motherfucker in the computer booth next to me just farted!

fucking loud one too!!!

forget the check-in counter ordeal... this is some bullshit right here!

rude asshole!

i can't hold my breath any longer

oh fuck, he just farted again!!!

i'ma get outta here before i suffocate


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Friday, September 15, 2006


typhoon shanshan

just another typhoon

haven't had many typhoons this year

this one brought lots of rain

a lot

i actually like it when they just pass nearby without entering

especially in the middle of the summer

it brings down the temperature

it brings a (sometimes) much needed rain


no landslides

no floods

no damages


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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


jon koolie

this one's for jon

happy birthday bro!

don't worry... be happy

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Monday, September 11, 2006

the bet

karen and becky made a bet

details of the bet shall not be revealed but basically...

becky lost

what was on the line?

loser to cook dinner for winner

so saturday, becky came over and cooked dinner for us

and a good dinner it was...

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

dinner by dinner

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

dinner by becky

topped with a 6-pack of beer...

and it was a great way to spend a stormy day

they should bet with dinners on the line more often

regardless who loses...

i always win

because i get to eat a good meal!

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Monday, September 04, 2006

r.i.p. crocodile hunter

the crocodile hunter steve irwin


very sad news

the crocodile hunter, steve irwin is dead!

his show is one of my favorites to watch

he had so much passion, dedication, energy and enthusiasm

you will be missed, crocodile hunter!

rest in peace

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from sea level to above the clouds

went to taipingshan this past weekend with a stopover in honeymoon bay on the way there and keelung night market on the way back

we left the house on saturday at 7:30am

was back at the house at 7:45am


i left the beer in the frige

i just had to come back and get it

why not just stop at some 7-11 or convenient store on the way?

surely there would have been some since there's only a couple million of them around the island

so why?

just because

our first stop was honeymoon bay via the new hsuehshan ("snow mountain") tunnel

this tunnel just rocks

from taipei county to i-lan county in just over an hour and that's with some traffic

that just kicks ass considering it used to take up to 3 hours before this tunnel opened

honeymoon bay has built a pretty good reputation as a surfer's and beach-goer's paradise

that reputation has given it so much hype in the media and on the net that i had really high expectations

hype kills because honeymoon bay was a bit dissapointing

in my opinion, it ranks below baishawan ("white sand bay")

honeymoon bay was smaller and dirtier than what i expected

as for the reputation of being surfer's paradise?

it was more like surfer's parking lot

yes, there were tons of surfers there but they were just sitting on their boards floating around most of the time

we were there for almost 3 hours and i only saw a couple people actually try and ride some waves

i don't know what's up with that but i've got a few theories

1. lack of waves
2. trying to save face because they were not any good at surfing
3. they were just to stunt since surfing is the "in" and cool thing to do now
4. a combination of the above
5. mind my own fucking business

actually, going back to #1 there, there was not really a lack of waves, just that the waves were real shitty

the waves were pretty decent in size but most of them just formed so close to the shoreline that it was pointless to ride them since you'd just be up on it for a couple seconds before you hit the sandy beach

altho' dissapointing, we still enjoyed ourselves and had a good time there

at least i got a bit of a tan which i've been working on all summer

it's about time too since summer's almost over

so after a few beers and a sunburn we headed off for some seafood for lunch

lesson of the day?

do not eat deep fried octopus mouth if you are going on a trip and might get car sick

after lunch we started driving towards taipingshan and wifey got really sick

i had to pullover 3 times for her to throw up

that's why i said do not eat octopus mouth because wifey almost choked on one

she didn't get car sick

she got heat stroke from when we were at the beach in the morning

lesson of the day #2?

get out of your air conditioned room once in a while

we finally get to taipingshan and it's actually pretty cold

around 15°C

it felt a bit weird going from 30+°C to 15°C and even under 10°C later on at night

a quick walkthrough:
we check in, rest a little bit, go grab dinner, go back to our rooms to shower and rest some more then meet up late at night for some star gazing, hot pot and alcohol

again, it was pretty cold at night especially since we were drinking ice cold beers

it kinda reminded of some good ol' days during the winters in canada

jerry had the right idea by bringing some whiskey tho' but i didn't feel mixing alcohol that night

called it a night at 1:30am because it was just getting too damn cold to continue drinking ice cold beers

peter's group got up at 4:30am to go watch the sunrise

nope, we stayed in bed

another quick walkthrough:
got up at 7:30am, ate breakfast, drank some coffee, looked at the beautiful morning view, rode this kiddie-like train up the mountain, took a very short hike around the forest, played sharades, saw a bunch of old folks argue over train seats while we waited and then rode back on the train with 40+ people exceeding the passenger limit

that train ride back was kinda scary

you could feel the overload with every turn

i couldn't help but think of the train accident that happened in alishan a few years ago where some folks died when the train derailed because of overloading

got back safely to base, ate some noodles, checked out the rooms and played the first ever taipingshan badminton championship featuring canada vs. taiwan

left after noon to go to the keelung night market

a few stops for throwing up (another car sick victim), food, drinks, gas, bathroom, really shitty traffic in some areas and a couple wrong turns, we got to keelung night market around 8pm

keelung market is famous for all the food but i didn't eat all i wanted eat because i was too exhausted and tired, plus my stomach was feeling kinda funny

left keelung around 9:45pm and got home at 10:30pm

all in all, it was pretty good trip

it's always nice to get out of the city

could have done without all those traffic jams tho'

as usual, some pics...

honeymoon bay

honeymoon bay

honeymoon bay

honeymoon bay

honeymoon bay
wifey with her 2 brothers

honeymoon bay
shiner's baby boy enjoying the beach

honeymoon bay
outside the seafood restaurant after lunch

dinner at taipingshan

drinking and eating hot pot under the stars


the view


on the train

hiking trail in the forest


acting the fool

scary overloaded train


keelung night market
keelung night market

taipingshang badminton championship - canada vs taiwan

most pics at:

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