Tuesday, November 28, 2006

how to stop speeding

speeding is a major problem

here's a solution...

well, maybe not

it will slow down cars for sure, but it might cause even more accidents

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Monday, November 27, 2006

contact me

Email, Facebook or Windows Live (MSN) Messenger: ayu112(at)gmail.com

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new toy at work

it has taken forever

almost a year late from the original delivery date, but it's finally installed and ready to go


we've got a new toy here at work

a 750 ton hydraulic stamping press

i believe it's the only one in all of northern taiwan

can't wait to do a test drive!

crush and smash the shit out of some dies

forget fenway

we've got the green monster

750 ton hydraulic press

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Sunday, November 26, 2006


new movie i'm really looking forward to...


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Monday, November 20, 2006

get well soon

my heart goes out to jason hu, his wife and their family

get well soon

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

not good to mix

i already knew, but i did it anyways

it's been a couple days, and i'm still feeling it

drank a shit-load of whiskey, then proceeded to drink a bunch of beer

not a good idea

didn't get drunk, but got a huge headache

the morning after was even worse

damn bad hangover

still had a headache

just felt like shit

can't drink like i used to no more

age will do that to you


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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

something fresh is in the air...

lily c & fresh air

for more info... go to: www.lilyc.com or www.livingroomtaipei.com

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Monday, November 13, 2006

china trip, taiwan beer & canada's fox

2 nights, 3 days

that's how many days i was in china

left taiwan wednesday morning

was home back in taiwan friday night around 5pm

it was just the usual biz trip

real quick, in-and-out, meetings here and there all day, then get the fuck out and on home

visited our factories in doumen, zhuhai and huangtian, shenzhen

nothing too exciting

i've been to the doumen factory countless times but it was my first time visiting the huangtian factory

it's always interesting to visit new locations and check out their operations

another interesting discovery during this trip is that a lot of home and building in china use solar power

i was told about it and for some reason, i had a hard time believing it

it was confirmed tho' as i could see solar power panels on top of buildings everywhere from my hotel room

very cool i might add

why don't we use this in taiwan?

our weather can't be any worse than china's

a couple pics i took from my hotel room on the 11th floor

china biz trip

china biz trip

china biz trip
solar power panels on top of buildings

on to saturday...

did some errands then went to walk around ximending

haven't been there in about 4 or 5 years

still a nice place to shop, dine and people watch

i don't know... am i just getting old or are the kids just getting weirder and weirder

i'd say both

had enough of that place and went over to the taiwan beer bar, which is actually located adjoining the taiwan beer brewery

if you like taiwan beer, this is the place to be

a cool hang out with outdoor seating area that only serves taiwan beer

i think this has to be the cheapest place (not counting convenient stores) to down a few in all of taipei city (downtown)

N$50 (about US$1.5) for a big mug of beer...

i think the mug is 600cc (about 600 ml)

not bad

not bad at all

to put it into perspective, a bottle of beer in a typical bar in taipei city is about NT$180 ~ 200 (about US$5.5 ~ 6.2)

a bottle of beer is around 350 ml

you do the math

taiwan beer bar

taiwan beer bar

taiwan beer bar

unfortunately we couldn't stay too long because we had to get up at 5:30am the next morning

it's been a while since i woke up that early

at least this time it was well worth it because it was for the terry fox run

it was being held at the plaza across from the taipei city hall

we got there at around 6:30am, made our NT$300 donation, got the free shirt and did the 3km run

well, we walked the first half, then jogged the remaining

altho' i only had 3 hours sleep, i must say... i felt pretty damn good after that jog

it was either the giving to charity part or the early morning exercise, or both...

i don't know, but i felt a great sense of accomplishment

need to do some exercises in the morning more often that's for sure

however, after the event was over, i went home and slept most of the day

so much for all that exercise talk

terry fox run

terry fox run - taipei

terry fox run - taipei

terry fox run - taipei
some of the entertainment - belly dancers

terry fox run - taipei

terry fox run - taipei
the free shirt

terry fox run
the cert

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Monday, November 06, 2006

non-stop feasting

allow me to take a deep breath for a moment


i needed to do that quite a few times the past few days


because i've been doing nothing but eat, eat and eat! (and drink too)


because it was the big 30 for me

i can feel the effect from all that feasting too as i went to play basketball last night and i got fatigued faster than usual and just felt heavy

another sign?

my jeans felt tighter around the waist this morning

here's a peek of just some of the stuff i ate...

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

non-stop birthday feasting

these pics here are only 2 of 6 face stuffing, belly aching and health killing feasts in a row (in 4 days span)

time to diet and exercise

i'm not getting any younger

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

the big 3 0

the big 3 0wow

it's finally here

i'm finally there

the big 3 0

holy shit, i'm 30 years old!

to be honest, i've been dreading this day for a while...

so here i am, standing on top of the hill and will start my descend soon enough

looking back, i'm sure everyone says and hears the same old cliche when they get older, but i can't help it... time flies

and it did

i've accomplished a lot but still lots to accomplish

somethings are going according to plan, somethings are not quite as planned

never stop planning the work

never stop working the plan

not happy nor upset about where my life stands at now, but if i died today... i'd die a content man


so, this one is for me-self

happy birthday ya old fart

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