Saturday, April 28, 2007

oh baby! ..... almost 10 weeks

went for a check up today

wifey is now 9 weeks and 5 days

the due date is either november 26th or 27th

why am i not sure?

well, because it says 11/26 on the ultrasound but the doc wrote down 11/27 on the report

regardless, guess we're gonna have ourselves a sagittarius baby

baby is coming along nicely and is starting to take shape

so far, so good...

ultrasound at 10 weeks

i'm still smiling ear to ear


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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

MVP: Most Valuable "Playa"

michael jordan divorced his wife last december in what was recorded as the most expensive celebrity divorce of all time

his wife, juanita vanoy, will reportedly receive more than us$150 million

us$150 million!


i'd be taking it pretty hard

well, mike is taking it pretty hard...

or should i say giving it...

michal jordan, most valuable playa

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a retro post: hai pa wang

looking through my hard disk earlier today, i realized i've got a shitload of pictures

this gave me the idea to start doing some retro posts

these will basically posts to share past experiences and old pictures i've got saved up in my computer

just something to post about when i'm bored, got nothing to write about or on a rainy day

so, let's go back...

a few months ago, wifey and i went to hai pa wang in tucheng

if you like seafood and shabu shabu, then this is a great place to go

the food was very fresh, with fairly big portion and reasonably priced

the interior and decor was pretty nice too

hai pa wang

hai pa wang

hai pa wang

hai pa wang

hai pa wang

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Monday, April 16, 2007

oh baby!

a few weeks ago when i got home from work

wifey showed me this...

we are expecting a baby!

that's right, we are now expecting a baby!

my reaction at the time...

yes! and wow!

yes! we are gonna have a baby!

wow! i'm gonna be a father!

we are very very very happy and excited, so is the rest of the family

yesterday we went to do a check-up and heard and saw the baby's heartbeat for the first time

it was awesome!

that was one of the coolest things i've ever seen

i was smiling ear to ear

i am smiling ear to ear just thinking about it now

wfiey's about 8 weeks now

we don't know the due date yet, but it should be around end of november

sometimes when i think about it, i'm still in awe and having a hard time believing it

i'm gonna be a father!

so far, so good...

life is going according to plan

ultrasound at 5 weeks
ultrasound scan at 5 weeks. the black "cloud" circled in red is the embryo (fetus), measuring at 1.95cm at the time

ultrasound at 7 weeks
ultrasound scan at 7 weeks. circled in red is the the embryo (fetus). the blue arrow is pointing to the baby's heart.


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Friday, April 13, 2007

noise pollution for an eye sore

woke up earlier than usual this morning

a lot earlier

hammers and drills and a few men shouting real loud in taiwanese will do that

what was going on?

this monstrosity was put up right in front of my place...

ugly illegal construction

ugly illegal construction
the view from my bedroom window on the 2nd floor

ugly and illegal

what an eye sore

just one of the many enjoyments of living in taiwan

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


when wifey and i went shopping a while ago

i just couldn't resist...


no, that's not for me

that's for my future offspring

will it be a superboy or a supergirl?

regardless, we are gonna have a superkid!

they did have them in adult sizes

i was so tempted but no

kinda regret it now that i didn't get one for myself

hmm... i think i'll go back and see if they are still available

don't tell anyone tho'

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Monday, April 09, 2007

reflections down south

it was a great little trip

2 nights, 3 days

the weather could have been better but we still enjoyed ourselves

it's always great to get away from the city

got to meet some new family and also see some whom i haven't seen in a long time

got to vist and pay respects to grandpa, great grandpa and great-great grandpa

it's always a great feeling and for some reason, a sense of pride and accomplishment

however, i had my down time and felt blue as i still miss grandpa very much to this day

that made me appreciate the time i spent with my parents during this trip even more

times like that are becoming more and more rare as i grow older and start my own family

trip to southern taiwan
on the highway heading south. departed at 7am (on wednesday) and made it to pingtung around lunch. not too bad considering we stopped over 1 hour total for bathroom breaks and such.

trip to southern taiwan
almost there. i love this strecth of the drive with the ocean on one side and hills on the other.

trip to southern taiwan
uncle's (dad's cousin) place in hengchun.

trip to southern taiwan
driving past southbay on the way to kenting

trip to southern taiwan
having a few drinks with my pops during the night at a bar in kenting. didn't drink too many since we've had a long day at that point and were pretty tired from the drive, plus we had to get up early in the morning for tomb sweeping.

trip to southern taiwan
"sweeping" great-great grandpa's grave

trip to southern taiwan
great grandpa and grandpa's place

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan
streets of kenting slowly filling up with people getting ready for spring scream

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan

trip to southern taiwan
we spend the last night and day in kaosiung, where we visited fo guang shan

more pics here...

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

hello from pingtung


here i am with wifey and my parents in pingtung

sorta a mini-vacation

we are in hengchun to be exact

my dad was born here in hengchun so we are here due to the tomb sweeping holidays

we were hoping to escape the crappy weather in taipei since it's usually pretty nice and warm here year-round

no luck

it's cold and windy down here with a bit of rain

still, it's not as bad as up north

we are just 10 minutes drive away from kenting

you know what that means

spring scream! (called spring wave this year)

oh so tempting but no

we don't want anything to do with that drug infested mayhem

still, i will definitely find me some bar in kenting and have a few beers

it's only the right thing to do

gotta go, gotta go... don't have much time

we rarely come down here nowadays, so got lots of family and friends to see

for those in taiwan, enjoy the holidays


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Monday, April 02, 2007

instant weather change


yesterday... 30°C (86°F), sunny, hot

today... 15°C (59°F), rainy, cold

instant weather change

yup, that's taiwan for ya

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

home improvements

folks, i could use your help

whether you've been here before or a first time reader, tell me what you think of this

be honest but be constructive

don't just give me "your blog fucking sucks"

well, yeah i know it fucking sucks, but why does it fucking suck?

what do you like? what don't you like? what can i improve? changes?

bring it on!


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today is april fool's day

that marks one year since i inaugurated this blog

one year later and i'm still here

it's been a lot of fun

there's been times that i felt like shutting this down

but i'm not quitting..... yet

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