Sunday, December 30, 2007

hello from hong kong

only got a few minutes before i gotta jet


i'm at the hong kong airport right now using their free wifi sitting by my boarding gate awaiting my flight home

yes, my trip got postponed until today but i'm finally going home!

it's been a very long and stressful two weeks

i've missed karen and olivia tremendously

can't wait to get home!

they are calling for us to board

bye bye

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Monday, December 24, 2007

merry christmas from yu to you

well, the trip has been postponed again

i'm now going home this coming friday the 28th.......... for now

my christmas is ruined, but i hope you guys have a good one

so, on behalf of olivia, karen and myself... the yu family, we wish you a merry christmas!!!

merry christmas from yu to you
make sure to click on the pic

have a great and safe holidays everyone


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Saturday, December 22, 2007

still stuck in china

so thursday has come and gone and i'm still here in china

the trip has been postponed until monday the 24th but it doesn't look promising

it looks like i'll have to stay a few extra days

first christmas with olivia and i can't be home


even tho' we don't really celebrate christmas, it's just the feel of it, know what i mean?

plus a couple days ago, a friend of mine from canada was transferring through taiwan to go to the philippines and we were gonna meet up and hang out for the day but i couldn't because i was out here

i've been back to taiwan for over 8 years now and finally had a friend from canada visit me but i can't be there!!!???


for those that want to work in the manufacturing business, here's an advice

work as the customer, not the supplier


ass kicker and ass kicked

we getting our asses kicked out here

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

hello from behind the great firewall of china


taking a short break from meetings now, so thought i'd drop a note

i'm on a business trip here in kunshan now, which is about 2 hours drive west of shanghai

got in last night and scheduled to go back on thursday

might get postponed depending on the progress of things here but i hope not

i can't wait to go home to see wifey and olivia

really miss them

it's really cold here and there's no heat in the factory i'm working at, so it's pretty uncomfortable working conditions

at least they've got me set-up at a pretty nice hotel

yes, the hotel is heated

i've got internet connection here in the factory and back at the hotel but it's limited

the great firewall of china

a lot of websites i can't view including so i can't view what i'm writing now on my blog, but works... go figure

oops, gotta go gotta go

be back shortly

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

olivia videos

some videos taken from the day olivia was born...

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

just some more photos of olivia

these were taken last night...

olivia, taken last night

olivia, taken last night

olivia, taken last night

olivia, taken last night

olivia, taken last night

olivia, taken last night

olivia, taken last night

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thoughts on being a father

it's been over two weeks now since olivia was born and both karen and i are so tired, stressed and exhausted

those of you that have travelled and have experienced jetlag

it's just like having really severe jetlag..... permanently

altho' still feeling the joy, excitement and amazement of being a father, reality has set in

raising and caring for a child is no easy task

priorities and responsibilities have been reordered

suddenly my shoulders feel a lot heavier

do not get me wrong

i still feel like i'm the luckiest guy in the world and i'm very thankful for everything

having a child and every single moment with her is very rewarding

do not get me wrong

i'm just tired, that's all

my whole outlook and perspective for my parens has completely changed

i have now a new found appreciation, admiration and respect for my parents

being a father

being a father

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who says girls can't wear blue?!?!

who says girls can't wear blue?!?!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the birth day

here's how it all went down...

sunday 11/25, 8:00 am

i was still deep in my sleep when suddenly i heard karen scream "hurry! wake up! it's time to go!"

"huh?" i responded still with body and mind in sleep mode

"it's time to go. I AM HAVING A BABY!" she yelled

ok, now i'm fully awake!

karen was not having contractions (that she could feel) nor did her water break, but it turns out she was bleeding

we quickly got prepared, got our stuff together, called a taxi and were on our way

the birth day

8:50 am

we arrive at our hospital and get up to the maternity ward

as soon as we go in, the nurses tell us to wait because someone is about to give birth

the delivery room is adjacent to the maternity ward so we could clearly hear this woman screaming in pain from the top of her lungs

that's not good

we thought we were really nervous... no, now we are REALLY NERVOUS

a few minutes later the screaming stops and the cry of a baby takes over

congratulations, it's a boy

the nurses come out shortly after and before they could get us settled in, a second mother is ready to give birth in the delivery room

we thought the first mom was bad, this second mom was even worse and louder!

seriously, put some fucking soundproof walls around that delivery room

again, her screams didn't last for long and were taken over by the cry of a baby

congratulations, it's a boy

again, the nurses come out shortly after and finally are able to tend to karen since it's now only her and another mom waiting who still has quite a while to go before delivery

they do a check and karen is having contractions (altho' she can't feel them) and is dilated 2 cm

for birth to occur, one must be dilated 10 cm so we still have a long way to go but we are still asked to check-in and stay at the hospital

it's now a waiting game

i got outside and buy some coffee from the coffee shop across the street

got the biggest cup they had

it's gonna be a long day

the birth day
karen getting checked and waiting

12:00 pm

ate some lunch and watched a movie on hbo

are we really about to have a baby?

we are actually really relaxed at this point and feels like we are on vacation at a hotel or something

2:00 pm

karen is checked again and she's dilated 3 cm now

too slow they said, so recommend that karen get up and walk around the hospital to speed up the labour

especially climb the stairs they said and climb the stairs we did

throughout the whole day, we easily climbed the stairs from bottom to top at least 20 times

times that by 6 floors and that's a whole lot of climbing

who would've thought i'd get some exercise out this?

3:15 pm

we come back to the ward from one of our climbs and there's a mother in the delivery room ready to give birth

ok, i think we have a winner here folks

this mom was just scary

besides the really really loud screaming, she kept yelling "i'm in so much pain!" over and over and over and over

we lose our relaxed mode instantly and go right back to "really fucking nervous" mode

after about 30 minutes, the screaming and yelling stopped but this time it was not followed by the cry of a baby

it turns out this mom spent all her energy on screaming and yelling instead of pushing that she lost all her strength and nearly passed out, so the doc had to proceed with an emergency c-section

shortly after, the silence is interrupted by the sound of a crying baby

congratulations, it's a boy

6:00 pm

ate some food for dinner and karen got another check up

dilation, 4 cm

way too slow

they said at this rate, it would take karen 2 days to give birth so they gave her a small dose of pitocin (oxytocin) to help speed up labour

on we go with our walkabouts and stair climbing

the birth day
pausing for a rest during one of our walkabouts

9:30 pm

karen's parents came by for a short visit and she is starting to feel a little bit of pain now

another check-up and she's dilated 6 cm

the nurses were amazed!

they said karen is the one of the first moms they've seen who can actually still walk, talk and even laugh and joke around at 6 cm dilation

most moms are already cringing and screaming in pain at this point

kudos to karen and to olivia too for being such an angel

10:30 pm

karen can really feel the contractions now and the pains are increasing in strength

i went and got some food for karen to eat so she has some energy later during delivery

probably not such a good idea as she nearly choked during one of the contractions!

11:30 pm

i time the contractions at a little over a minute apart and karen is really feeling the pain now, but she's able to get up and walk around

she's baring the pain a lot better than i thought, espeically since it wasn't a pretty sight when i took her to a foot massage before

the doc comes by and checks the dilation at 8 cm

he calls the nurses

it's time to go into the delivery room

approximately 12:00 am - midnight

karen is now fully dilated at 10 cm and her water brakes

doc said it should take another hour or so, so he tells the nurses he'll be in the lounge waiting

"another hour or so?!?!" said karen

she said she could not take the pain for another hour or so, so she just started pushing really hard

a few minutes later, the nurses said they could see the baby's head and called the doc back in right away

after only a few more pushes, at 12:35 am olivia was born

again, the nurses and the doc were amazed at how well karen did

not only did she not scream and yell, she delivered in record time

the doc said it was a "perfect labour and delivery"

that's my girl!!!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

do you know these famous people in history?

just got another cool picture on the email

it's actually a drawing and it's one of the coolest drawings i've ever seen

it's a collection of some of the most prominent and famous people in history

how many do you know?

do you know these historical figures?
click on image to view large and numbered version

here's the list...

1. bill gates???

2. audrey hepburn

3. charlie chaplin

4. aristotle / socrates???

5. pele

6. henry ford

7. ?????

8. hitler

9. beethoven

10. lei feng

11. vladimir lenin

12. guan yu (guan gong)

13. mussolini

14. dr. ?????

15. ?????

16. saddam hussein

17. alexander the great???

18. bill clinton

19. charles de gaulle

20. george custer

21. ?????

22. mike tyson

23. christopher columbus???

24. sun yat sen

25. ?????

26. vladimir putin

27. margaret thatcher / queen elizabeth???

28. deng xiaoping

29. bruce lee

30. vincent van gogh???

31. ?????

32. chiang kai shek

33. ?????

34. winston churchill

35. ?????

36. ?????

37. queen mary / victoria / elizabeth ii???

38. shirley temple

39. ?????

40. robert oppenheimer

41. elvis

42. ?????

43. stalin

44. william shakespeare

45. leonardo da vinci???

46. albert einstein

47. mozart

48. karl marx

49. friedrich nietzsche

50. steven spielberg???

51. genghis khan

52. pablo picasso

53. ?????

54. napoleon

55. ?????

56. abraham licoln

57. mao

58. zhou enlai

59. che guevara

60. ?????

61. moses???

62. fidel castro

63. confucius

64. laozi

65. marlon brando / the godfather don corleone

66. marilyn monroe

67. ?????

68. gandhi

69. julius caesar

70. ?????

71. dwight eisenhower???

72. claude monet???

73. salvador dali???

74. vincent van gogh???

75. luciano pavarotti

76. ?????

77. george w. bush

78. empress dowager cixi

79. michael jordan

80. marcel duchamp

81. osama bin laden

82. liu xiang

83. prince charles

84. ariel sharon

85. kofi annan / nelson mandela???

86. ?????

87. ?????

88. ?????

89. gorbachev

90. mother theresa

91. qin shi huang

92. michaelangelo???

93. ?????

94. ?????

95. ?????

96. otto von bismarck

97. dante alighieri

98. ?????

99. ?????

100. yue fei

101. ?????

102. roosevelt

103. yasser arafat

do you know the names for the question marks or can verify the names with question marks or see a mistake???

have fun

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

hey, what are you looking at?!?!

hey, what are you looking at?!?!

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smiling olivia



alright, i give up...

i'm tired so i'm done playing with y'all...

i'm going to sleep...


psyche! just kidding! hehe! fooled y'all... i'm still awake. now, change my diapers!"

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

congratulations to charlene & johnathan

congratulations to my friend charlene and her new husband johnathan

it was a very beautiful and lavish wedding

made me wanna get married all over again!

congratulations to charlene & johnathan

congratulations to charlene & johnathan

more pictures of the wedding can be seen here:

photos courtesy of tina yann

tina is an excellent photographer who also took photos at our wedding

need a photographer for a wedding or other events???

please consider tina

i highly recommend her

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

a smile from mother nature

just got this on my email and thought it was pretty cool so i'm sharing it with everyone

a smile from mother nature


have a nice day


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a nod of approval from trippin tv

trippin tv

i discover trippin tv a few weeks ago

a new english social website based in taiwan with lots of features

one of these features that caught my attention was the blogwatch: blog reviews

they had reviewed several blogs and were pretty harsh on most

funny at times but harsh

it's all in good fun and altho' i know their reviews are pretty irrelevant as one blogs as he/she wishes to blog, i still wondered when it would my turn

i was looking forward to reading their dissection of my blog and the shots they'd take

well, the wait is over

i've been reviewed...

How many Asian people have you met in Taiwan who have stellar English and have turned out to be born in Taiwan, but spent their formative years growing up in a western country and now... low and behold they've come back to roost in Taiwan again. The answer is "Kabillions". These "Bananas" (yellow on the outside and white on the inside) are a breed slightly apart from the full-on ABC and totally different than the Taiwan local who has lived in Miaoli all his life. Some might argue they are the best of both worlds.. some might claim they are a just a bi polar, confused bunch of individuals. I call this group of people "Rexpats" (returning as expat... duh!).

Andres is a Rexpat and his blog... "andres in taiwan " is pretty damn good.

Before I launch full force into this review I need to remind our readers that while TrippinTV is a cool and hip online social network we are not necessarily only for young 20 somethings who think that partying at Mint every weekend and putting up half naked pictures of yourself drunk on your MySpace profile is the be all end all of the Internet. Its only one fun part of the Internet... and please if you are one of those people.. don't stop posting those pics! ;)

andres in taiwan immediately strikes me as a great blog for one obvious trait... BALANCE... he's got a great balance of pics and text... a great balance of personal life and mildly interesting Taiwan stuff.. and it looks like he's got a decent balance of online and off line social life... as the best bloggers always do. Andre's does a good job of showing his family life and new born child in an interesting and familial way.

So here's the basic good and bad lists.

The good:

1. Andres is a prolific photographer. His pictures are decent and a very good size on his blog... ie you don't need to click any thumbnail images to have a clue what his pics are of.
2. He keeps his text short and sweet. No lengthy (BORING) diatribes here.
3. His site has a very clean and basic interface that appeals to many.
4. He blogs with a good degree of regularity (about once every couple of days).

The bad?.. mostly personal minor quibbles of my own...

1. he's got his own grammatical/punctuation style (but thats only bad if you are a grammar natzi which i'm not)
2. Not enough VIDEO... but again thats just our thing here.
3. He's got a Xacti and I'm jealous. I've been dieing to play with one... although I really want an RCA Small Wonder
4. I'm not sure about his url.. dre is probably his nickname..? it makes me think of Dr Dre and I'm personally generally allergic to rap.
5. andre in taiwan ... no capitals. ... why oh why? (OK .. I'm a part-time grammar Natzi as long as it isn't mine!)

All in all I'd say and andre in taiwan is a really pleasant diversion style blog that you might go and read if you want at little peak into the balanced life of a taiwan Rexpat.

well, that went well

i'm a bit disappointed they didn't rip it apart some more but at the same time i'm glad they liked

hey, at least someone out there approves

still, a site with the name "trippin" has beef about grammar and spelling?

it's like an obese person calling someone fat

what a trip

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more baby olivia

allow me to show off some more

some more pics of olivia...

baby olivia

baby olivia

baby olivia

baby olivia

baby olivia

baby olivia

baby olivia

baby olivia

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