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taipei photography club

taipei photography club

darren melrose is putting together a taipei photography club.

info from darren.....

Taipei Photography Club

It has been tried before, and I am trying it again. I am hoping to start up a Taipei Photography Club. This is intended to be a fun, social group meant for anyone with any kind of camera. Please do not believe that you have to have a state of the art DSLR; anything that takes photos is great.

I guess there are a few goals I have in mind. First, I am just hoping to build up a group of friends with a common interest; the social aspect is a big part of my ideals. Second, I am hoping that this can act as a motivation to get me and others out taking photos. Learning from others, perhaps helping other shooters myself would be nice benefits too. Mostly though, I want this to be fun.

Here is what I am thinking. The group would meet once a month, probably for breakfast or lunch, followed by some shooting. At these meetings, I was hoping that someone would give a talk on something photography related. As an example, I might do something on how to shoot strangers on the street, as that is something that is not easy for everyone. Other examples might be someoone covering post processing or cataloging, matting and printing, selling your photos, getting published, studio lighting, shooting for magazines or newspapers, or who knows what else. The speakers could be members of our group, but perhaps we could also have guest speakers too. For example, I am sure there is an AP or Reuters photographer based in Taipei and it would be cool to hear his or her story. Likewise, it would be interesting to hear from a professional studio photographer, a Nat Geo shooter or who knows who else might be willing to give up a morning. Perhaps at each of these meetings, it would also be nice to have everyone in the group show a few of their best prints from the past month? Just ideas all, but these are things I think might be fun.

At these meetings, I am thinking that we could set a theme or a project to shoot in the upcoming month. Fro example, it might be a scavenger hunt, where each member is to shoot (for example) 12 photos based upon 12 themes and then put them together in a set. Rather than a scavenger hunt, it might be a set number of photos based upon a certain theme, a roll of film shot with a disposable, etc? I am thinking that these projects might be done as a competition, with the winner being the one who sets the next challenge. If folks would prefer not to introduce competition into things, that is cool too. One of the good things I see about the month long challenge would be that in this way, people who can’t be at the meetings can still participate in the challenges.

Thinking in more of a long term way, I was thinking that other possibilities might open up. Perhaps the group could have their prints featured in a local gallery somewhere. I know all of the FNACs in town show photos, there is the Jhongshan Art Gallery, in the underground between Jhongshan MRT and Taipei Main Station shows prints and art, any number of restaurants and tons of other places I am sure I don’t know about but which do exist. I would think that many people would like the ego boost of seeing their stuff hanging somewhere other than on their walls. Who knows? Maybe something like that could even lead to a print sale or two?

We could also, after a few months, do the odd weekend road trip to some scene or event in Taiwan. We might rent a studio, studio lights and a model or two and try some studio photography; something I have never done but would be very interested in. Who knows what else might come up in time should this thing really get rolling?

I am sure there are lots of creative people out there who have more and better ideas than do I; please let me know what they are.

First off, I guess we should set a possible meeting time. Of course, it will have to happen on a weekend. I am not certain what day is better. Let’s think about making it the weekend of November 22 or 23. If you are interested, either leave your name and email in a reply here, or email me directly at darren AT and let me know if Saturday the 22nd or Sunday the 23rd is better for you. After we know what day we will meet, we can decide where that will be. Please let me know if you have other ideas and please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested. We will finalize the meeting date by Sunday the 16th I guess and a meeting place sometime shortly after that. I am very open to ideas about where to meet too.

Like I said earlier, everyone is welcome. The only requirements would be that you have a camera of some kind and I guess a way to display them on the net. Maybe it would be best if everyone were to sign up for flickr? flickr is free as long as you don’t want to display more than 200 photos, so it need not cost you anything. If need be, I could also set up a permanent gallery on my site should that be useful.

Some additional things: First, I forgot to mention a link to the original group, which never really got the momentum going: Second, in order to get things rolling from the beginning, I will come up with a set of ideas for the first project/challenge. This one will be a scavenger hunt for sure and I will have a set of 12 subjects ready at the meeting.

Again, if you could let us know which day, Saturday the 22nd or Sunday the 23rd is better, that would be great. You can either reply to this thread, or email me at darren AT

Hope to see you soon.

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