Friday, July 25, 2008

dubu house

last weekend, we went to have dinner at dubu house in downtown taipei

dubu house

dubu house
good decor and ambiance

dubu house

dubu house

dubu house
the side dishes were very good, especially the kimchi

dubu house

dubu house

dubu house
"dubu" i believe is tofu in korean, so this here is their specialty. a shabu-shabu, hot-pot like tofu stew which i thought was just average. it did taste just like any other kimchi flavoured hot-pot.

dubu house
the seafood pancake was good. good portion too.

dubu house
the desert was a tofu custard which i thought was good and refreshing.

overall it was pretty good and the prices were great too considering it was right in downtown taipei. the only complain is that the service was just average. we had to wait for a while for our food and there wasn't enough waiting staff around as we had a to look around for a bit too just to get some more tea.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

olivia "playing piano"

olivia rocking the house, getting her beethoven on...

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Friday, July 11, 2008

retro post: russian adventures

looking through my hard disk earlier today, i realized i've got a load of old photos which i haven't shared here

this gave me the idea to start doing some "retro posts"

these will basically be posts to share past experiences and old pictures i've got saved up in my computer

just something to post about when i'm bored, got nothing to write about or on a rainy day

so, let's go back.....

when karen and i visited hong kong back in 2004, we got the opportunity to dine at a russian restaurant

the food was very good and the entertainment (live russian music) was great, especially when they sang happy birthday to karen in russian

however, the main attraction of that restaurant was a sub-zero room with a bar inside

take a guess what's the only available drink in that room / bar?


we had a great time and could not wait to go back again

a few months later, i was telling karen how i miss that russian restaurant and that it would make a great business in taipei

well, what do you know?

a few weeks after i made my comments to karen, i saw on tv that taipei has opened a new russian restaurant with a sub-zero room where you can take shots of vodka


wanted to go ever since i saw that report on tv but never got the chance until last year

so off we went (karen, rich, jerry and i) to salt & bread, hoping to relive the good times we had in hong kong

we were a bit disappointed

the food was pretty bad and it was expensive as hell

the live music was decent but the lady's high tonal singing got annoying real quick

the sub-zero room more than made up for it as they had just about every type of vodka you can imagine

we wanted to try a whole bunch of them but at nt$400 a shot, we limited ourselves to a couple shots each

i took a citrus flavoured one and then a jalapeno one

the citrus one was really sweet and went down smoothly

the jalapeno one went down smoothly as well but after about 3 seconds, i felt like my whole body was on fire

that was some good shit!

would i go back again?

not if i'm paying

would i recommend this restaurant?

no, if you don't drink and don't plan to hang out in the sub-zero room

i would recommend it just to experience the sub-zero room and try some very different and unique vodkas from around the world

they really need to do something about the price tho'

nt$400 a shot is just way too much and limits people from experiencing all the different selections they have

unfortunately i forgot my cam that night but jerry did bring his so we managed to take a few shots inside the sub-zero room...

shooting vodka in the sub-zero room at the russian restaurant

shooting vodka in the sub-zero room at the russian restaurant

shooting vodka in the sub-zero room at the russian restaurant

shooting vodka in the sub-zero room at the russian restaurant

sorry about the bad quality of the photos

remember, the sub-zero room was something like -30 degrees celsius and it was summertime so the camera lens fogged up real bad preventing us from taking clear photos

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Friday, July 04, 2008

recent olivia photos

7 months and counting...

with cousin ethan

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

olivia learns to crawl

for the past few weeks, olivia has been learning to crawl

i've been putting stuff across the bed or the room for her to go get

she'd stuggle getting from point a to point b, maneuvering her body like a worm, flipping around and using parts of her body including her head / face for support and leverage to advance

a couple videos taken a couple weeks ago...

then a few nights ago, she crawled and advanced strictly using her arms and legs only!

that was so exciting to see!

here's a video taken last night...

she's getting stronger and starting to crawl faster and faster as we speak, so we are being very careful

she's been able to sit up on her own for a couple months now, so her next big move should be to stand up (using furniture as leverage)

she'll be walking and running around in no time!

but for now, maybe we should enter her in a baby crawling contest?!

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