Tuesday, April 20, 2010

kaohsiung walkabout

back in february during chinese new year, we went down to kaohsiung and spent a couple days with hui-chen & mj. during our first day there, we tried to visit the lotus lake but since we were smack in the middle of chinese new year, the traffic was just absolutely horrible and finding a parking spot was basically impossible. so with that, we drove the car back to a parking lot near a krt station and just rode the krt into town and walked around.....

visiting the dream mall.

the thing i like the most about kaohsiung are the huge wide roads...

and sidewalks that you can actually walk on and push a stroller through!

even olivia enjoyed the rare opportunity to actually walk on a sidewalk in taiwan!

forget being able to walk on sidewalks. take full advantage of it and run!

with kaohsiung being one of the most prominent shipping ports in asia, seeing big vessels like this is not rare.

the tuntex sky tower, the second tallest building in taiwan after taipei 101. it also ranks as #21 in the list of tallest buildings in the world.

ancient fort wall in the outskirts of the city.

the shihjia krt station entrance.

waiting for the subway to arrive.

not sure which station this is. the central park station?

outside the station shown above.

same station at night.

trendy department store in downtown which puts on quite a cool light show.

olivia running around and pretending to fly like an airplane inside that department store.

cute asian poses! gotta start them young.

yup, she's almost got the peace sign down now.

ok, enough photos! time to go!

to see all and remaining photos from the day, click on the slideshow below. special thanks to hui-chen, mj and hui-chen's parents for their great hospitality and allowing us to stay with them!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

olivia's 2nd degree burns - one year later

one year ago.....

olivia's 2nd degree burns
photo taken the day after the burn.

olivia's 2nd degree burns
photo taken two days after the burn.

now, about a year later after the accident.....

olivia's 2nd degree burns - one year later

i'd say she has healed pretty good and what a relief that is! in fact, most of the time we forget that that accident ever happened but when we do remember, i still feel like the worst father in the world.

during this past year, i've received many emails from parents whose kids also experienced second degrees burns asking how olivia is doing. all i can say is, everything situation is different but seek proper care and be persistent while staying positive and patient. kids are a lot more amazing and courageous than we think.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

week 13, 2010

week 13, 2010
having dinner at yuanshao bbq grill restaurant.

week 13, 2010
olivia sleeping in the tiger pajamas she got from cousin ethan.

week 13, 2010
visiting the taipei zoo.

week 13, 2010
new lens pick up, canon ef 50mm f1.8 II.

week 13, 2010
tired of dealing with the "blue screen of death" on a daily basis in my old notebook, i bought a new one. the asus ul80vt.

week 13, 2010
visiting the taipei astronomical museum.

week 13, 2010
went to macau for a day to renew my "visa".

some random ramblings.....

  • there was an interesting convo on twitter that i somewhat got involved in talking about how people should stop tweeting irrelevant stuff about what's going on in their lives and post only "useful" info. what exactly is irrelevant and what is useful? the stuff people post about their lives, isn't that what twitter set out to be? an constant and instant update of people's lives? not post every link you come across the internet. yes, these people claiming to post "useful" information have pretty much transformed twitter into a giant non-stop links brodcast. i actually enjoy reading about what people are actually doing and where they are. don't get me wrong. i do enjoy the occasional link to something interesting, funny or something from an off the beaten path site. it's just these constant links on a specific topic that i could easily just get off a particular site. for example if i wanted to read all these taiwan news, i could easily just go to a site like taipei times and read the exact same links that's being tweeted all over. or same with tech stuff; i can easily just go to engadget and read all these gadget news that are being tweeted over a thousand times. anyway, i basically enjoyed twitter more back when 90% of the tweets were not links to something that i've most likely already read about nor would find interesting.

  • i love being able to watch olivia at her kindie through the school's webcam.

  • watched the movie monga a few days ago. it was better than expected but still thought it wasn't that great. or at least not as great as everyone and the media hyped it up to be but it was more deserving of the hype than cape #7. that cape #7 was just straight up boring! back to monga, sure found the brokeback tendencies interesting. sure wasn't expecting that.

  • speaking of brokeback, ricky martin coming out; was anyone surprised? it's like going to the desert and finding sand. totally expected.

  • still hate listening to the icrt djs and news readers. it sounds like they got a couple new dj's but they are just as bad. they do have a couple of good guys but most of them just make my ears bleed. hard to believe they can't find better people.

  • hard to believe duke won it all! congrats and good job! i'm a fan of coach k so i'm happy for him. what happened to north carolina? i know they wouldn't have gone too far in the tournament but it just felt weird not having them in it.

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