Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Green Light Forest - Furano Sheep Ranch

On recommendations from a friend, we went to the Green Light Forest - Furano Sheep Farm located in Fushing, Taoyuan County. Our friend said it was just a short drive from Taipei and it was a lot of fun but as it turns out; it was was a really long drive (almost 2 hours) and it wasn't much fun.

I love taking photos during our outings so you know it's bad when I didn't even bother taking out the camera and just took photos with my cell phone.

At first glance, the place looked like it has a lot of potential with its Euro style building and natural surroundings.

As soon as you walk into the premises, you will see this dirty run-down gift shop. Maybe they are going for the antique look?

We wanted to push the stroller for Olivia so I asked the attendant at the parking lot if the paths were nicely paved and not too slopy; he said yes. Well, guess what? The paths were very slopy and were filled with rocks for the most part. It was nearly impossible to push the stroller so I just ended up carrying it up and down the steep hills most of the time. The photo above shows the better part of one of the paths but it still had all these holes in it which also made it very difficult to push the stroller.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

NY Bagels Cafe at the Banciao Station

Craving for some burgers and pasta, we decided to hit up the NY Bagel Cafe located at the new Global Mall inside Banciao Train Station.

Real Heinz and Tabasco; not some local copycats that taste like crap.

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