Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dabao River in Sanxia, Taipei County

Back in August, we got together with some friends at the Dabao River in Sanxia, Taipei County for some bbq, beer and fun swimming in the river.....

We came to this exact location 3 years ago and just like last time, the weather was great. There was a slight overcast, which is good since the sun wouldn't be burning down on you.

This river and area is known for a lot of drownings; and with the fact that it was ghost month, there wasn't a lot of people. Or else, it's usually pretty packed on weekends. About the drownings, I think it's a combination of people not knowing how to swim and not using common sense. Yes, you read that right. PEOPLE NOT KNOWING HOW TO SWIM. We are an island nation, yet most people do not know how to swim. Go figure.

Olivia playing with my friend Peter's second daughter. This is was the first time we had met her since she was born a few months ago.

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