Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Luxgen7 SUV

Only a couple more days before the year 2010 ends and let me just say it was a fairly uneventful year for me. This year started off with the potential to be a huge year as I had a few big plans but as things turned out; most of the plans did not come to fruition and have been postponed for now. One thing that did go as planned was my purchase of a new car. My old car turned 10 this year so I thought it was about time to replace it. I decided to buy the Luxgen7 SUV, which is a new Taiwanese auto brand established by the Yulon Group. I signed the contract in August but due to the high demand and long waiting list, I did not get the actual car until October.

So with that, it's my pleasure to bring you a guest article about my new car written by our good friend MJ Klein. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ORIGINAL POST.


Andre's New Luxgen SUV

Photos and article by MJ Klein

Good friend and blogger, Andre, recently purchased a new vehicle. The one he chose is awesome, utilizing technology to solve many driving issues. He bought the Luxgen SUV, which was designed and produced in Taiwan. Not intending to be a review of the vehicle, here are some very cool things about it.
UPDATE: read about some of the Luxgen technology here.

This is what it looks like. The SUV is robust and rugged looking, and it feels that way on the road too. Let’s check out some of this cool technology:

The headlights are HID and steerable. That means when you turn the car, the lights turn in the direction you are going. There is a smaller Daytime Running Light visible at the upper left.

This is a front foglamp and an LED array for the turn indicator.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

King Car Whisky Distillery

I've been wanting to visit the King Car Whisky Distillery in Yilan for quite some time but just never got around to do so. However, with our good friend Jim having the weekend off during his recent business trip to Taiwan, we decided to go check it out.

The distillery was located inside a huge campus, owned by the King Car Group. It had all these different buildings and plants spread throughout its grounds with large open fields of grass and trees in-between. A nice sight for anyone living in a concrete jungle like Taipei.

This building was the first stop of the tour, which was the convention center.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Kanpai Bar & Grill at the Banciao Station

Our good friend Jim was in town on a business trip so we met up for dinner at the Kanpai Bar & Grill located inside the Banciao Station Global Mall.....

Kanpai is a chain of restaurants with a few locations across Taiwan. Since this one is located inside the Banciao Train station, it's called the Kanpai Train. As the name suggests, the decor is themed to feel like you are inside a train or train station.

I also invited Peter to come with us since we all used to work together, so he brought his wife and daughter. This is Pete's daughter who is only 20 days older than Olivia. BTW, we didn't bring Olivia with us this time.

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