Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Papago International Resort in Taitung - Part 3

A final post from our stay at the Papago International Resort in Taitung.....

We rented a couple bikes and rode around town.

We took turns giving Olivia a ride. Karen went first.

First, we rode along a river bank.

My turn to give Olivia a ride.

The area is famous for its rice so we rode by what seemed like never-ending fields of rice.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful with mountains along the backdrop of the green rice fields.

Here's a crappy panorama I made. You may click on the picture to view a larger version.

Some garden that we rode by.

Taking a break at the Hakka Cultural Center.

Later we hopped on this tractor trolley and went on a tour.

Olivia was really enjoying it all and having a great time. That is really all that matters.

With the sun setting, it was time to go back to the resort.

A look at the pool area during the night.

The next day (our final day), since our train back to Taipei was later in the afternoon and we had to check -out by 12 noon, the resort gave us a complimentary afternoon tea set.

A great way to end the trip and relax some more.

At the train station waiting for our train to go back home. So sad to be leaving. The next day Olivia asked me: "Papa, can we move to Taitung?" She might be on to something!


Ashish said...

Damn, that really looks like a great place to hang out for few days and relax (and goes to sell his kidney to be able to book the resort)

Andre said...

hahahaha Ashish, it isn't that expensive. sometimes you need to spoil yourself! oh, and yes... great place to hang and relax for a few days. heck, i wouldn't mind living there for term!