Thursday, November 15, 2012

Longteng Broken Bridge

A little info about the broken bridge (龍騰斷橋).....

The quiet town of Sanyi becomes a bit of a tourist hot spot on weekends, especially during the Tong flower blooming season. This bridge that collapsed during an earthquake in 1935 is one of the focal points for the area.

The railway line that the bridge served was moved and has been a hiking trail since its closure. However, attempts to get the line running again seem to be gathering steam and in the summer of 2010 a trial run took place from Shenxing station to Taian.

Google Maps:

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GPS coordinates: 24° 21' 31.02", +120° 46' 25.65"


StefanMuc said...

I suspect I wouldn't go there just to see the bridge. It's quite interesting though, how sometimes ruins can give you an insight into architecture which completed buildings can not.

Andre said...

yeah, i wouldn't go out of my way just to see that bridge. sure, it's interesting but all you need is like a couple minutes to look at it then that's it. there's nothing else to it. it's a nice sight to stop and look it if you happen to be nearby or drive by it.

Guava said...

What amazes me is how many times Taiwanese have survived typhoons, floods, earthquakes, and still alive and kicking and having fun.

Andre said...

hahaha yeah! mother nature sure hits us with a lot of stuff!