Thursday, February 02, 2012

Open Mic at Titty Tea

Better late than never. Here are some photos from this past summer's Open Mic night at Titty Tea.....

Before Open Mic at Titty Tea, we went to have dinner the Bon Appetit Pizzeria.
From left to right... that's me, Michael, MJ & Hui-Chen.

After dinner, we made our way to Titty Tea for Open Mic.

No, the event was not a bust.
Yes, they serve fresh milk.
Yes, glad to keep you all abreast on things.
No, the doors do not have any knockers.
Yes, they do serve some drinks in large cups. Some in small cups too.
Yes, as a matter of fact they do have some nice racks inside for storing those cups.
No, it was in the summer so it wasn't nippy during the night.
Titillating? Indeed.

OK, just thought I'd get those out of the way first before anyone wants to leave a smart-ass comment. Oh, I know you are thinking about it.

My poison for the night.

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